• Best tasting energy drink I've ever tried
    - Mark
  • Great little product i take it while gaming
    - Ryan, Sheffield
  • Beats other gaming fuel providers on the market
    - Dave, London
  • Mainly use Player 1 for gaming but I also work night shifts and Razorwire keeps we awake and alert every time.
    - Lars, Sweden
  • Seriously impressed with the product and customer service, I will be returning.
    - Sally , Liverpool
  • Great service, next day delivery, does what is says hours and hours of energy from Player 1
    - Martin, London
  • Always sipping Player 1 whilst gaming, Raspberry tastes great, keeps me focused and alert
    - Steve
  • Honestly amazing, one of the only energy drinks I have ever had that actually tastes like what its meant to.
    - Andy Ling, York
  • Thumbs up from me, cant wait for more flavours. Keep up the great work.
    - Connor Anderson, Dublin
  • Amazing taste and no sludge at the bottom of the shaker unlike other brands.
    - Kris

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