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Let's cut to the chase, NO, we're not just a couple of lads who love to game and thought, "hey?!".


We're a family run business with a long history in business. Sports Nutrition has been the main focus for many years but with a saturated market we are always keeping one step ahead and looking to create new and innovative ideas gaining us awards for previous product and business notions.

With Matt, being on top of his game, an expert with Sports nutrition and four top class brands to his name. Then Nikki, a published nutritionist and then alongside us, all the kids! And they do love to game! Nature took its course; the concept was there with a whole family contributing to a new product idea; Razorwire Energy was born!

Many people enjoy being healthy or strive to be healthy and they hate the thought or taste of sugary drinks therefore we knew exactly what we needed to achieve for this drink. Clean - Fresh - Zero Sugar - Low Calories - Taste and then a texture similar to a juice.

18 months in the making, working with one the industry’s best flavour consultants, no compromises were made. A lot of testing, even more tasting, a few arguments over who preferred which and even then we couldn’t settle. Consequently we all wrote down our thoughts to tweak here and there to create the perfect taste - only then when we all agreed “That’s it, this is the one” - our Raspberry flavour GAMING FUEL was launched in September 2018.

We personally LOVE it. If we didn’t we wouldn’t even entertain selling it. It mixes so well and leaves no powdery residue like others brands. 5 calories, zero sugar, the perfect proportion of electrolytes for your body’s needs, vitamins and just enough timed release caffeine to keep you gaming for hours without a slump in energy. All in all a healthy drink to keep you focused and hydrated with the bonus of tasting amazing.

We have since launched our Cherry, Apple, Sweet Lemonade, Tropical and Watermelon flavours which are all equally as delicious, with sample packs available to try.


New flavours are also in development...all that is needed is a bit of patience- the perfect flavour doesn’t happen over night!